Career Opportunities


 Sunbelt Synergistics Incorporated is a Public Relations company serving radio broadcast companies with promotions, syndication's, programs, and talent. Sunbelt Synergistics is a photography company providing images for advertising, fashion, portrait, seniors, and sports.

Opportunities exist within the broadcast division. Primarily for those that are pursuing a career as a media advertising representative. Sunbelt Synergistics is unique in the radio industry for compensation plans and benefits.

 Representatives are considered associates or partners in the same manner as one would consider a lawyer to a law firm. Billing and tenure determine individual compensation plans and options one may be entitled to. Compensation  for all include a percentage of individual billing, health, and dental insurance, and employee retirement plans.

A seasoned veteran that can assume relationships with existing customers is needed immediately . Also  someone that is interested in beginning a advertising career may  interview. A resume and background check are required. To be considered you must have a interview. Please provide the information that is requested to be interviewed


Thank You