Have you ever noticed in the televised aftermath of a natural disaster a victim searching through the rubble of their home to find priceless possessions, the camera zooms in for a close up of the first thing the victim retrieves a photograph. Maybe you have heard of one who passed leaving a large family, then to hear of the relatives bickering over who will take possession of the families prized photo collection of ancestors. I could write of countless stories of families that have had copy or restoration work done of priceless one of kind photos. Should you be in possession of a family photo heirloom and wish to copy or restore it for future generations I can help.

I will give you a free and binding estimate. I will “copy only” any photography, however I will not do partial restoration where complex restoration is required, nor will I color damaged picture. Only rarely does the camera pick up hidden details in some faded original. Frequently, it serves to emphasize previously invisible flaws. The process of photo restoration relies mainly on artistic means.

I will repair! I will not change things unless specifically asked to do so in writing with the understanding that you will have to accept my judgment. In most cases I can guarantee results. On rare occasions I will have to refuse an original simply because it is beyond repair.

I comply with copyright laws. Express written permission of copyright owner will be required in order to begin. Most restoration proceeds at a maximum working period 3 ˝ to 4 weeks. 

Price of restorations will depend on the amount of artwork required and additional sepia toning. Light or deluxe oil as requested.

All originals will have to be inspected before an estimate can be made.

Should you wish to have an estimate made please leave your name and phone number so I may arrange a viewing of your print.



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